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Default Re: So I Find This Guy Riding My Bike

A friend of mine who has been mountain biking much longer than I have gave me a piece of advice. No matter who you are, and how tough you think you are, someone will always try to mess with you while you are riding (I guess it goes for getting your bike stolen too.) Usually it's some idiot in a car who didn't see you and almost killed you, but it could be anyone.

I actually had a guy stop in the middle of the road, get out of his car, try to give me a lecture about how I might have had the right of way legally, but he had the right of way because he was bigger, in a car, and was going to kick my butt. bla bla bla.

I digress. I was told--and fortunately I haven't needed to use it yet--to carry pepper spray with you whenever you go biking. It doesn't seem like that manliest thing to carry, but when your riding hard, and constantly on the brink of physical exhaustion, it can be a handy thing to have in a case of self defense.

I don't think I would have been nearly as cool about it as you were, and I might have just pepper sprayed the guy as soon as I saw him on my bike. I would have at least knocked him off.
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