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Default Re: who has a moped license?

In response to Mr. Roadkill,


Anyhoo, my reference was specifically as to motorized bicycling laws. It is better for all involved in this hobby/transportation modality if we comply with the applicable laws. Flaunting those laws will not help us move towards more motorized bicycle friendly laws. Agitating for better laws, whatever form that takes within the law is a good thing. I agree- run for office, lobby, write letters, etc.- whatever- but at the same time try to comply with the laws that exist.

As for the rest of it- I have a significant problem with much of what is going on in halls of government these days, but I refuse to blame whatever is going on in my life on unamed "others" like corporations and bankers. That is pure populist garbage and is the same as poverty pimps blaming the "man". You have a problem with the direction of the country? Look to your left, right and in the mirror. There's your problem. The people still elect the Congress and the President.

Now, back to the issue at hand. In my state, there is not a registration requirement. If there were, I would follow it. Why would I want to get pulled over and fined? Some earlier posters in this topic have utilized some creative means to get registered that seem perfectly legal to me. Seems like a good idea.
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