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Default Re: who has a moped license?

Originally Posted by mechanickid View Post
has anyone on here gotten a moped license? if so what did you have to go through to get it and how much was it?
Like someone mentioned, all states have their own laws. Out here, we get our bikes and mopeds "registered" and we receive a tag for "Bicycles/Mopeds" that we have to affix to some permanent part of the frame. Cost 15 bucks, but it's forever. Aside from registration, most scooters/mopeds and motorized bikes fall into a rather large grey area as to compliance and rules of the road. So long as we don't get stupid, we're pretty much left alone.

Most of my bikes and scooter are not registered or is, but not under my name. I gotta get busy. Since most of the sellers were military personnel and already gone, I need to use a Statement of Fact form to say that I am the owner. So long as the bike has not been reported stolen, it's mine.
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