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Default Re: who has a moped license?

For one's own sake yeah OBEY or die basically. I love being cynical.. I also see dead people (hippies) and UFO's or UBO's (unidentified bicycle objects) rather. If you see the kid down the street riding his first motorized bicycle then by all means make a citizens arrest! Is there always humor in irony...?
All laws are not a "good thing". Lobby, call, complain, protest or become a politician to change laws that might be unfair to many and fair to a 1/1000the or higher percentage of people who already use "the heard" for monetary gain. But some poor guy that wants to visit his dying mom in a hospital 20 miles away should not have to be stepped on by the WHIMS of billionaire bankers or millionaire politicians. At least here in the USA some people still define freedom as "being free" vs "being governed by foreign law and banks" some embrace every new law and live on Little Debbie snack cakes, Beef (it's whats for dinner) and all the drugs their doctor(s) prescribe becoming bloated and impotent. If this has gone over anybody's head then please read/ buy "The Revolution: A Manifesto: Ron Paul". It still ranks #200 on Amazon a year after the release and it will help you decide what you may think is fair and just and what is hidden from all forms of media today. If somebody wet's their bed do they continue wetting or try and fix the problem? No need to answer.. Just love what's left of your freedom and if you can get a job these days even better!
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