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Default Re: Just Chose A Kit, What I Chose and Why

Originally Posted by oylavabeer View Post
Hi AndyT
I have bought 2 Grubee kits ( 50cc,66cc ) both were easy builds and both are still running, the 50 is better Im 95kg . For ease of build it depends what frame you choose I build mountain bikes and a main concern of mine is the width of the tubes I will be using as engine mounts
Which 50cc Grubee kit was it? Was it the slant head with the steel cylinder (genII)?

What did you like about the 50cc better than the 66cc? Right now I'm contemplating the gen 2 48cc (slant head w/ steel cylinder) vs the 66cc (center plug head with chromed Al cylinder I believe). I do have a few hills so the torque of a 66 would be nice but maybe the slant head and newer design of the 48cc gen ii makes up for it. In addition I'd expect the steel cylinder to be of higher quality and last longer.

Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated!
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