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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

kickstand tip:
Parking a motorized bike in public will definitely draw a lot of attention, but take it from me; nothing ruins a "james Bond" entrance like having your ride crash to the ground as you're walking away.
I got rid of my old steel kickstand (it was too short anyway) and bought an aluminum "two legger" that mounts in the same place (couldn't tell you the brand but it's shaped like an upside down "Y"). My bike store had it laying around for about 20 bucks. It weighs about the same as the old one did, maybe even less, and the bike stands up straight when parked so it takes up less space.
The best thing about it though is that it holds the back wheel just off the ground which makes it a great work stand for adjusting the drive train.
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