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Default Re: who has a moped license?

Anything over 49cc is labeled as a moped even though most "mopeds" have no ped's... Tricky wording.. Just beware of selling yourselves down the toilet.
Own a tank and ride a bike! Why pay for foreign oil? Why waste gas? Why be defenseless?

Pink Floyd... Is there anybody... Out there?.......

I rode through a township and they stopped me and told me that residents of that township require a 30 dollar a year or so permit. It did not apply to me so I split. That said..

In my christmas stocking I want to pay for..
Walking and breathing tax
Bike tire disposal tax.
Lawnmower tax (because the consume more gas 5x more than my MAB) My motorized bicycle helps me pedal faster BTW.
I also can't wait to pay any and all Obama U.N. carbon taxes associated with freezing my arse on a winter's day.
All this I will pay with my Chinese world currency credit chip embedded in my arm.
I also want to get hit by a drunk congressman or Ambassador with diplomatic immunity and dual chitizenchip.

Besides I was worth 50 points after they hit me!
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