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Default Re: Need a Spark Plug Wire. Any Recommendations?

Funny you should mention spark plug wires. I've been searching for a good old copper conductor type of wire and discovered that it is hard to find these days. Every auto parts store I went to only carries resistance wire. I even tried a shop that deals in nothing but drag race and race car parts and they said they have not carried copper core wire for years. The reasons are obvious. The RF generated from the high voltage leads of an engine (spark plug wires) can cause interference with sensitive electronics such as the computers in today's cars, even race cars. The resistance wire, sometimes refered to as TVRS wire eliminates the RF signals and the old copper core wires didn't. The newer wire does not have a metal conductor but instead has a carbon impregnated nylon or cotton thread that carries the current. Its resistance is surprisingly high. I finally found some at a lawnmower shop but the automotive suppliers could not provide copper core ignition wire. The China 2stroke motors that most of us use has a relatively weak ignition system and the high resistance plug wire is not the best choice for them. Check your local lawnmower/motorcycle shops for copper/metal core wire when looking for a replacement. Incidently, you will read a lot here from guys telling you to replace the kit supplied plug wire. Every kit I've looked at comes with metal conductor cored wire. Granted, the spark plug boot and the method that it uses to hold the wire to the plug is not the best but the wire is better than what you'll find at the local NAPA store for your engine. Good luck.
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