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Default A good man and respected motorized bicycler has taken a nasty spill

Kawasaki, on this forum, Kawasaki999 on Motoredbikes took a nasty spill yesterday while riding his bike. He is a local customer and a friend.

He is at the bay front medical center in Tampa with 5 broken ribs, a punctured lung, a colar bone/shoulder break...It was an unfortunate mishap...the front tire literally blew out, and he was thrown to the pavement at 25mph. Thank god he was wearing a helmet!!!

Show your support guys...He is a seasoned rider of motorcycles and motoredbikes. He has the best equipment...his bikes are outfitted with the best of everything. Things happen!

Give him a call, send him a note...believe me he will be gratefull to hear from you!!!

Bayfront (727) 553-7533 This is the direct number to Craigs room. Just tell him you're from the forum, and wish him a speedy recovery.

Bayfront direct (727) 823-1234 ask for room 533...Craig Blough

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