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Originally Posted by pedal pusher View Post
Hey Ruger 44
Freedom is a word sometimes used in strange ways. Can you own a Ruger (.44) in the Netherlands? I won't ask if you have one. I am a Ruger fan since before 16 years old, now nearly 65. I have a .22 Single Six, .22 MKII, and a 9mmPK85. I started on a Yamaha 250cc in 1969 and still have it (I would love to redo it) and went to a 1965 Norton Atlas. It handled great, was fast and I loved it. But the Honda CB750's would leave me behind every time. My Norton would vibrate the fillings out of your teeth, and twice had developed cracks in the fuel tank, once in the oil tank. I sold it and rode a BMW R60/5 which was the best I ever had. I sold it to buy a Goldwing. I got hit by a car and then after a long time went to a Honda CX500 that I gave to my friend. I have a '72 CB750 all original in the garage. It has less than 13,000 miles. I would love to get it back running too.
I hope you enjoy reading this forum. I am glad I found it. I don't know if I will ever complete by motorbike project or not, but I really enjoy the forum. I am starting over again with mounting the engine and sprocket.
Pedal Pusher
Hello Pedal Pusher!

Thanks for your comments

Although British bikes are known to vibrate, I never saw (felt?) one vibrate as much as Laverda twins!
But yes, I had a leaking petrol tank on more than one BSA, but also on a BMW.
I have owned an ex German police BMW R 60/6, it was so utterly reliable that it became boring.
More BMW's included R50/2 and R67 models the last one with sidecar.
My BSA's were mostly Singles, sidevalves up to Gold Stars. . Nortons were the 16H sidevalve and 850 Commando's. Nice bikes but too young for me.
And Triumphs, that were all twins- o no; I had a 3SW too, a military 350 sidevalve single!
A sidevalve twin, the ex British War Department was a great surprise, fast for a sidevalve and very reliable!

And now the humble Spartamet, with a 30 cc two-stroke made by Sachs in Germany.
These are great fun.
And can be tuned up to do 25-27 Mph too, althogh that is illegal, it is done quite frequently.
The legal limit is 25 Kph approx 15-16 Mph?
Hope you will get your bike running, bikes are great fun!

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