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Default New to Forum and need clutch help

Hi all! I've been lurking here for awhile and finally decided to join the fun. I just got into this hobby after seeing a couple bikes a customer I call on had built. Neat stuff! I,ve ridden motorcycles for years, enjoy driving a '57 Dodge I've restored and generally get a kick out of anything mechanical. Anyway, I finished restoring a '70s vintage 26 inch roadbike and installed an 80 cc kit from Zone 8. The narrow frame presented several clearance problems, but everything worked out fine and it's a blast. I have now installed a Grubee 48 from Gas Bike in a new Huffy cruiser for my wife but I have a problem. The clutch is so stiff she can't pull the lever in and when I do it takes so much effort, I'm afraid the lever will snap. I read a post here about being able to back off the clutch spring preload adjuster through the hole exposed by removing the clutch cable stansion. I tried this and it turned about 1/8 turn then stopped. Not being one to force something unless I know the results, I wanted to get suggestions before going further. Any and all help will be appreciated.
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