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Originally Posted by lbm323 View Post
The bike was working fine for a while maybe 3-4 months then i dropped it an broke the kill switch. it wouldnt work somebody here told me to unplug it and it worked out, now the idle is all screwed up. it idles really high and if i hold the clutch it just revs up. what can it be and what can i do? could it be the throttle cable. i took it apart and made sure it was working properly. can also someone put a diagram how a carb should be assembled? i see the idle screw adjuster but it doesnt seem to be connected to anything
The idle screw does not connect to anything, it merely moves the slide up to increase the idle. I would start off by checking for a vacuum leak.

I would also agree with Sydneysider, you could have your slide in wrong.

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