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Default Re: Friction Drive Roller Traction in the rain? Sand + Glue?

I use friction drive on my twin-engined cruiser "The Dragon Lady".

Staton friction rollers are heavily knurled in a diamond pattern and don't need sand or glue.

I'm committed to riding to work on a daily basis, rain or shine. This is the rain and windy season rught now. When riding on wet roads and through puddles, I just slow down and pedal more.

Look for the engine's sweet spot where it will pull with least amount of slippage. Pedal along with that spot.

Ya might end up pedalling quite a bit, but not as much as a regular bike.

If the situation gets too slippery especially going uphill, raise the entire assembly and pedal away from this temporary inconvenience.

If the situation gets so that you can't live with it, convert to chain drive.
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