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Default Re: Friction Drive Roller Traction in the rain? Sand + Glue?

I did a search here for the single word "traction" .. I ftinhke I spelled it correctly and consider this a slightly important topic for friction nerds. It rains in many parts of the world quite often. London is always wet.

Let me spice it up a tad.. Are pure slicks best in wet road conditions? I saw a youtube friction demo created by I think BMP's and the tire was many small knobs almost creating a smooth constant "slick" but was not totally slick. would tires like these help the morning after a rain and the roads are all wet? Keep in mind my goal is to not sand blast the tires and waste money on tires but to achieve long distance capabilities of the system through rain/snow.

Keep in mind.. If there is a severe solar storm or EMP discharge you are the owners of some of the few moving vehicles that will function. Thus.. this is a matter of not national but global security! If times ever get that bad I doubt gas will be flowing and refined so maybe this is all in vain.

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