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Default gas premix kit.

my gas tank is mounted at a funky angle. I have to wait almost till it is empty to get a quart of premix in it. I like to mix it fresh so I have always mixed a quart at a time. I can usually mix a second quart and put 12 oz in a bottle to carry in my basket for emergencies. Which seem to happen often because I forget to check the tank. No gauge you know....

So I have been thinking I need to mix it in smaller amounts so that I can add gas before it goes empty. Then I thought if I do build the smaller bikes for sale I want to include a premix kit. The weed eater takes the same mixture as the china girl so....

I am looking at a 16oz mix kit. Now a couple of interesting things come to mind. Clear 16oz bottles with a wide opening are harder to find than I thought. I'm sure now that I have started to look I can find something like a juice jar with a wide opening.

Then there was the oil measuring device. I did a little research half an oz is also one table spoon. There are plenty of those little plastic kitchen measuring spoon sets. So when I find the right jar, I can attach a measuring spoon to it and have a premix kit. I want one now for my own bike.

I bet those spoons are available in the drug store for kids meds as well.
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