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Default Hey, from Middelburg, Netherlands

deleted by accident...

Yesterday, I made a post here, but as I later wanted to edit it, and give a link toa pic of my Spartamet at photobucket, I got a message telling that I could not post links. I can completely undertsand that rule for new members, but than I made an error and deleted the whole stry..
Well, I hope I can replicate it!

Hello, I am Anton, nearing 55 yrs of age, live in Middelburg, a quaint little old town in the Southwest of the Netherlands.
These days, I have 'downgraded' my two-wheeled hobby. After a life full of motorcycles, mostly British ones, from the 40s-50s and a few from the sixties, I now only have three Spartamet motorised bicycles. I worked most of my proffesional life in the motorcycle shop, repairing all kinds of bikes, building some specials, 1/4 mile sprinters, racers custom bikes and sidecar one-offs. And restoring vintage bikes. All in all, I owned moer than 60 (!) bikes myself, and rode almost all available motorcycles, from BMW to HRD Vincents, which was a great expierience.

This 'free' country, as we all know the Netherlands is 'famous' for in the world, does NOT allow you to build your own motorised bicycles! Otherwise, I'd be building something special, that is for sure!
So, the Spartamet is about the only choice, or you could try to find an old bike with engine.

I came to the Spartamet, after a friend of mine needed space for part of his BSA collection, he also had a BSA Winged Wheel. After I used that a few times instead of my pushbike when it was too windy, I fell in love with this kind of two-wheelers.

Although the Spartamet is a bit different to most of the bikes here, I hope we all have fun riding and working on them, and can share expieriences.

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