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Default Re: Bye bye bicycle :(

Gee must be an epidemic. I did that last week as well. I just got my bike back to running. My chain came off and wrapped around the wheel. I ruined the wheel but the bike and engine survived.

I'm glad you weren't hurt.

It is when I started missing my friction drive electric motors. Also when i got really serious about the weed eater friction drive. I was able to clear my gear lock up on the side of the road and ride the bike home with the broken spokes and all. I almost decided to try to carry it home by hand. But I'm not that ambitious. I have left my bike chained to a pole several times and walked home to get the car. When I sell my big old mercury I'm going to have to get a cell phone just for emergencies. I'm the last person in America, with good credit, who doesn't have one
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