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Default Heavy Duty Wheel Tip.

With the bicycles going faster, both gas and electric. The Bicycle parts used must be up to the challenge. I had a cutom rear wheel made up to take the abuse of a GEBE. Usually the spokes start breaking. But this tip can be used on any motorized bicycle.
I used a ebay as a source of parts.
I purchased a excel 21x1.6 inch front dirtbike rim... This is equal to a 26 inch mountain bike rim.
I purchased a heavy duty down-hill mtb hub.
I sent everything off to "The WheelMaster" The Wheel Master
who laced it up with 8 guage stainless spokes...He has 9 and 10 availabe...just the holes in my rim was too large to fit those.
There might be other great wheelsmiths out there, but he did good by me.
I had the wheel offset so that the GEBE ring would clear the 2.75 inch
[COLOR="Red"]DOT motorcycle tire that I will use. 2.5 inch tires are available.
This will hopefully keep me from getting flats, or bursting at speed.
I purchased the Michelin bias-ply Trial tire..l. not trail tire...

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