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Default Friction Drive Roller Traction in the rain? Sand + Glue?

I have been riding around ironing out all the bugs or just getting used to them such as correct pressure of drive roller on tire among inner tubes and a few other problems that needed dealing with. Also Kenda just jacked up triple thick tube prices so get em while/if you can.. cheap...

Do I use glue and some kind of sand to coat the drive roller to gain traction in wet weather?
I recall somebody stating here that a fine sand and two or three coats of glue or varnish on a drive roller will work well for traction.

The reason I ask is because the roller will slip if little pressure is added to it when wet. If I clamp it down hard onto the tire then it will slow the bike down over 50 - 70% and will not slip but in the rain that is not the speed I would want to achieve.

Any help from a vet would be helpful to is newbies.

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