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Default Bye bye bicycle :(

So I was on a long bike ride today, went from one side of Seattle to the other. I hit an area of road that is really rough, railroad tracks, cracks in the pavement, and thousands of potholes. My chain tensioner rattled lose and slipped into the spokes of my rear wheel, busted all of my spokes, mangled the wheel, locked up the chain and broke something on the engine side of things. Now the front sprocket spins so freely that I can almost get it to spin by blowing on it.
Also, where the tensioner was, the frame got bent. It was pinched already because I tightened the tensioner too much [see pic: Frame Damage ], but when the tensioner got caught in the spokes it spun around on the tube and actually bent the damaged frame in a way that it sort of corrected it.

When I was riding, I was going maybe 30mph and all the sudden my rear wheel locked up, I started fishtailing, and the engine started revving like crazy.
Even more unfortunate than my bike getting destroyed, at the time of the accident was the fact that I was 5 miles from home and I couldn't even push the thing because the rear wheel was all mangled. Luckily after a mile or so of scooting along and wearing a big hole in the tire, a friend was able to come get me. We put a tarp down in the back of his suv so any gas that leaks wouldnt get on his carpet.

I was always fantasizing about what I was going to do with my next bicycle engine, and now I get to do it sooner than I thought. Anybody port and polish their engine?

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