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Default Re: Best Rattle Can Paint I Have Found Yet!

Back in Design school we were taught some techniques with rattle cans. Some of
our instructors had been model makers and had perfected a technique for getting
very high quality paint jobs from rattle cans. Expensive and wasteful for sure, but
when a professional job was required on a short deadline and they were away from
their studio this is how they did it.

They found that there was a lot of fallout in the stream from a rattle can nozzle.
Large droplets fell closest to the can and a finer medium droplet fell after that.
But the "sweet spot" of the stream was at the end where the finest droplets fell
and by standing back from the item to be painted a fine predictable spray could
be obtained. The trick was to use the first 2/3 of the can as the pressure fell
too far after that to maintain the consistant fine spray necessary. So with about
a half dozen cans of spray enamel they could get the quality of coating that
otherwise professional equipment would deliver in the controlled environment of a
paint booth.

The instructors showed examples of what they could do and it was day and night
to what we were used to doing as students with rattle cans. Again the technique
is expensive and wasteful but still practicle for those in that field.

The benefit of knowing about this to anyone else is that it is possible to get high quality
work from rattle cans. The illustration below shows what the class I was in was shown.
If you find some rattle cans on sale for a buck each and want to try this on something small
we were taught using an item painted in dark grey primer an finishing it with appliance white.

(and of course cover your floor and table with newspaper as there will be plenty of fallout on it)
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