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Default Clutch problem(s)

So i have the 80cc chinese motor, have had it for a few months now. I also have the clutch actuator kit from jim at creative engineering. It works good and everything but the other day i changed the clutch pads because the clutch started slipping a bit. And now when i tried to adjust it , the clutch isnt grabbing hard enough and i can feel it slipping when i have the clutch engaged. But when i disengage the clutch i can hear the clutch grabbing a little bit still. This doesnt change no matter how i adjust it. Ive spent at least a couple hours on it trying to figure it out but nothing works. Still the same results no matter what i do. its almost like the pressure plate or whatever you want to call it is too smooth and it doesnt grab very well. Anyone have any kind of an idea?
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