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Default Re: Just Chose A Kit, What I Chose and Why

Thanks for the nice posts guys.

Creative Engineering, I understand what you are saying. Some of the posters sound like they are in business making some money off their hobby, and that's great. Some seem very enthusiastic about building and just love the ring ding rattle and piston slap of these 2 strokes. Although I heard plenty of them running on youtube, and they can sound pretty bad. Then there are certainly a good share of us that are just getting going and are totally confused about what to buy. Maybe I'll have to build one of the Chinese kits to get familiar with them, so I can help others here and lend what engineering skills I have left to others.

oylavabeer, did you buy a Grubee kit? How was your build, and is it running?

pedal pusher, I'm sorry that you are having a rough time with your build. We might be able to find a sprocket that will bolt right on without having to modify it. I saw a few when I was shopping and they were not all that expensive. They even come in aluminum and and in nice colors. I'll see what I can dig up later and maybe others will have an idea. Hang in buddy! We'll do what we can to help.
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