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Default Re: Just Chose A Kit, What I Chose and Why

Thank you Andy T for your informative and thought provoking post. I wish I had read it before February 04 when I ordered the cheapest $119 66cc Chinese kit I could find. The kit is probably fine, but I am not. I am pushing sixty five years old and hardly know a hammer from a screwdriver. I retired from a clerical position from a major railroad shop with many talented employees and they were always there to do the job and to help each other at lunch or off times... So I could get anything pretty much mended or made.

I have put the engine on my Kmart Huffy cruiser, taken it off, put the sprocket on, take it off, put it on, take it off, etc. It sure is hard on these carpal tunnel, arthritic hands, and here I am now back to the starting point with a sprocket with a hole bored off center that will not fit the hub of the bicycle, and when it was mounted the chain would not line up with the drive gear. Where does one go from here with limited tools, limited knowledge, limited everything? Maybe start working again on my 1972 CB750 Honda, at least I have a Clymer manual for it, or just ride my 50cc MotoFino Scooter, which is a great little scooter?

My retirement income puts me at or just below the poverty line but I would gladly have paid the money to get a quality kit where the parts fit. I recently read in KitPlanes Magazine about a guy who essentially built his airplane four times by having to redo parts over the building process. I hope I don't have to do this; it is a bicycle for heavens sake, not an airplane. My advice to anyone who is not mechanically adept and thinking of building a bike is to follow your advice, save you money if you have to, but get something that will work. I have some friends from work who, I am sure, could put this thing together in five or six hours and be scooting down the street. I just can't do that.

I plan to try to get the sprocket rebored and centered and start anew. If I fail again I will concede this kit is beyond my (very low) skill level, and sell the kit at a very low price, or donate it, shoot it, or something.

I earned my private pilot license on my 33rd birthday but haven't flown in twenty one years. I have four acoustic guitars, a bass fiddle, fiddle, and mandolin, but am not much of a musician. The doghouse bass was the most fun. I went to many bluegrass and gospel music festivals over the years in the eighties until 19191. I was working with a great guitar teacher about six years ago and was at a beginner plus level. Fell in love with the wrong woman, became depressed and put them all away. But I'm getting the back out now. I hope I can complete the bicycle kit and enjoy it some then perhaps give it to one of my friend's grandkids.
Thanks again for sharing your research.
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