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Default Re: Just Chose A Kit, What I Chose and Why

Great post Andy!

Welcome to the wonderfull world of engine powered bikes...they are fun!

As you have surmised; involvement is very diversified.

There are those who like to build. Often selling thier completed creations with very little ride time. This is me...although I swear I'm not selling this time.

There are those who use thier bike as a primary means of transportation.

There are the hobbyists who like to both work on, and ride thier bikes.

There are those who buy a completed bike, ride it occasionally, and pay to have it serviced.

For the new guy; this can certainly create, what can only be described as, a mish-mosh of information.

Once you begin your build you'll find all the help you need here to keep going. If the bug hits you...You will build another, and another...Today's best thought out plan will become yesterday's news...


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