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Default Re: What a great forum

Since I've never posted photos of my Sears Free Spirit fricton drive motor and the bike
I've been using as a test platform for it I'll bump this old intro thread of mine to place
the photos here. Bear in mind that this is a 1 hp, 22cc, 30X30 b/s, 7.2:1 comp, 0.10 Kg-M
torque @ 5500 rpm motor which delivers 160 mpg/us gallon 2 cycle that runs 25:1 ratio.

The bike is an old Ross 10 speed 27" wheel that I picked up in a yard sale for $5 bucks and
invested $50 or so in to convert it to a 5 speed upright similar to a cruiser. I didn't go thru
with painting it in the resoration and I have a 26" Schwinn Girls bike which looks just like it
so if I have a date or girlfriend who wants to go riding then we're matched and she won't
feel like she's riding the second rate junker. (little social things status things like this
rate plesantly with the gurlz) When you look at them the only difference is the fact that one is
a mens Ross and the other a womans Schwinn but otherwise they are the same.

In these photo's you'll see the white plastic hood isn't installed over the motor for the sake of
those who are curious about one of these "Free Spirit's", BikeBug, AquaBug, or otherwise Tanaka
front wheel drive motors. I figure there may be a half dozen of us here who have had or presently own one of these. They are a straight foreward bolt on, adjust, and ride outfit. I personally consider it to be the "Rubik's Cube" of bicycle motors as it's built in layers or steps if you will,
and to tune it up and adjust the timing you have to completely dismantle it. Once the tuning
is perfect, then you put the thing together again making sure each step is perfect (otherwise if
you miss something you gotta go back and dismantle it again) Everything has to be right when
it goes back together so that when you start it the only adjustments left are the throttle/idle etc.

I don't get much speed out of this motor and would be lucky to hit 18 mph which is OK as
here in Ohio 20 mph is the legal limit. (but I've crafted a skateboard wheel which is larger
diameter to work in place of the original friction drive wheel and may be able to tweek 24+mph
out of it yet) The little motor isn't much more than a string trimmer motor but it is a quality
piece of work from Japan from the 1980's.

I know Toytime, DOC BLOM, and Bikeguy Joe are famaliar with them and probably some others
here too.
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