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Default Re: removing handle bar grips

I use plain water sprayed in between the grip and bars while pryed open with a small flat bladed screw driver to remove the grips and like one of the guys said if your not going to reuse cut them off. Once I've sprayed in the water I twist the blade around the grip to let the water get all the way around and it will come right off.
I like the foam grips soft and they absorb the vibes cheap to get a couple sets for about $5.00 includes shipping on flea bay. to install spray a little water inside the grip and push it on They come with end plugs and I use a bar end mounted mirror on the left side that's really for the right side its on upside down but out of my way and easy to see behind me its also convex anyway it works for me. If you run into trouble with the grip on the throttle side I've used weatherstrip glue or quick set JB-weld to hold the grip in place being careful not to glue the grip to where it fowls up the throttle. There's some of my ideas and I'm sure there's plenty more so chime in and lets share the knowledge.
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