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Police stations sometimes will sell impounded bikes and the city dumps can be a source of bikes, can't do that where i live found out after the fact you can't take stuff out only allowed to put stuff in. Alley ways a good source but you should ask before taking. Wreaking yards a good source to I found one close to where I work they use bikes as a little extra material for scrap weight so I have to be quick cause the wreckers trash the bikes and unless I ask for a certian type they will smash them as quick as they get them.
Yard sales another good source. Don't forget Wally world they have sales and you can get a real good deal sometimes but then again cheap made bikes or they can be.
I started out just rebuilding my kids old mountain bike huffy built in 1989. I was either going to rebuild it or throw it in the dumpster. After fixing it up and enjoying riding it around I thought it needs an engine and its been all down hill from there.
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