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Default Re: Oops, I Fragged My Motor!

^ yes indeed. (see my post in the troubleshooting section) After replacing the motor I discovered root of the problem- the carb was leaking air. Not just a little either. It started small (choke on and it sputtered before stop) but by the time the motor fragged the leak was so bad that I could run the (new) engine with the choke fully on. It would even START with the choke on! A quick squirt of starter fluid stalls it out instantly- proving the theory.

i suppose i should rebuild the old carb just for the experience... but at this point I would be tempted to use a sledgehammer to do the rebuild, so call it more fodder for the parts bin.

meanwhile, the bike is back on the road and the weather is nice- time to go catch some bugs in my teeth!
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