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Default Re: Compression after 9 Months

Originally Posted by Wheel Rush View Post
OK, Thanks I'll get on it, . .

It more than likely is one of the two of those, The things is with most start up even if it needs another try, you can here the compression stroke exhausting, But on the occasion I am getting nothing but a slow gruel to a hard pedal stop, I do not hear the compression escaping.

I'm not sure exactly what to think about that, . .?

Is that do to the fact that a burn combustion is pushing out the exhaust valve with enough pressure that it is causing the sound of exhaust escape?

If so, I guess then a clogged muffler would have similar results,

I think you guys know your 2 strokes.

I'll let you know.
Most likely. I found with mine when I opened full throttle at idle, it would rev extremely slowly at first but once it hit that higher rev, it would shoot right up meaning that there was enough pressure to escape out of the engine.
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