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Default Re: Big Hello to everybody from down under!

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post
Love it!! Wish I had wheels like that
Thanks man, good to know someone from Arizona.. I have some close relatives living in Phoenix. You know you can buy these wheels on ebay theyre around US$80 for both front and rear but you have to modify the sprocket to fit it. If youre interested, do read on about how fitted it.

Originally Posted by brisbane_boy View Post
looks good SS. did u just buy 1 wheel??
Im still real keen to do this just lookin for the right bike atm.
Be interesting to see ur thead bout the wheel.
I bought 3 rear wheels about 2 years ago for around AU$235 and theyre just the best. Soon I'm going to buy the front one also so my bike will look better.

OK this is how I did the mod:

I got the 44 sprocket and made the diameter just a little bit bigger so it would fit into the hub.
Then i cut a 45mm circular plate about the same thickness and drilled six M5 mounting holes into it so it would bolt onto the holes where the brake disc would have been. I drilled another nine M6 holes to bolt and hold the 44 sprocket to it and using the 2 rubbers that come with the sprocket as spacers between them. My installation required me to space the sprocket 15.0 mm from the brake hub. I just simply tightened the M6 bolts evenly and continuously measured the distance. Then simply bolted this whole piece to the hub.

Its better to use metal spacers than rubber but it has still worked out well for me as when the rubber is very tightly compressed it becomes extremely rigid and serves its purpose (for the time being anyway..)

I used only 12.9 grade M5 & M6 bolts otherwise theyll shear right off under hard acceleration..
"....dunno what I did to my engine the other day but now my rear tyre wears out real quickly..."

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