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Default Re: Just a little ? here.

Originally Posted by KDC1956 View Post
Has any one got burn form spooky tooth cycle the only reason I am asking this is I have been burn twice this
year.And I want to order there 26 inch stretch limo frame. For 175.00 I just don't like getting screw any more.
Or does any one here know where I can order a 26 inch stretch limo bicycle frame at.

Thanks for any help on this.

No offense intended, but you're gonna have a hard time selling this one on this forum!

I met a local guy, (Tampa bay area), 3 weeks ago who came over for some of my custom parts.

He described his experience. He bought his kit from XYZ reseller who told him "it's a hobby thing, figure it out, goodbye".

He called the guys at Spooky Tooth and they walked him through the install even though he didn't buy his kit from them!

They have good kits, good service, and fun events throughout the year!

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