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Default Curved,solid stainless seat post

One night BSin' in chat, 2Door mentioned that he needed a set of fenders for his new Jag build. I have a Point Beach that matches the Jags. The PB "L" brackets that secure the fenders are really tuff tinfoil and rotted threw in no time but the fenders them selves were in good condition but off the bike in a shed. Well good condition save the hack job I did of cutting out a space for the motor chain.

So I offered them to, 2Door. He asked what I wanted for them and I said what ever shipping costs.
Better some one put them to use then them housing spiders and holding dust up off the floor.

2Door asked me at least 4 times to take some thing for them. I politely declined.

A while later, I mentioned that I was shopping for a bent (or curved) seat post. 2Door hinted that he was gonna make one for me as he was making one for his Jag. I didn't really think much of it but later he wrote me with a tracking number. I thought cool.

UPS Santa showed up at the door Tuesday. Package was the right size but way to heavy.

Open the box to find a solid, curved , made from one piece of 1" shaft stock, seat post.
Also a very pleasant letter and 3 biz cards...

This morning, I swap the POS tin stock post for this one and go for a ride. It is a different ride all together. 100% more comfortible. My only complaint (on a good day) about the PB (stock with orig. seat post) is it sits the rider to far forward, so he looks like he is doing the chicken dance at an Irish wedding.

A wee bit cold today, I cut the ride short and go below to look for 2 door's address to send him a proper thank you note. I lift the papers and biz cards he sent and realize there is a check for $15.

He tried to pay me for shipping the fenders.

I hope to buy that man a beer some day, or in some way return the favor. As much, if not more for the lesson as a solid, curved , made from one piece of 1" shaft stock, seat post.

(Just found out it was made from It's made from 1" shaft stock, not Stainless. I couldn't tell the difference. My sincere apologies)
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