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Default Re: Disguising Engines. Any Ideas

Very cool Robin
Let's hope they all don't know the law there.
Here the SNARLIES don't have much to do.
They harass the street people,And are anil
about parking and then down right nasty about
bikes and the bike trails. Lots of THEM on bikes
here and maybe they are envious because they
have to peddle. They will go after a guy on a bike
like he just robbed a bank if he isn't wearing a helmet.
Almost wish there was more crime here so they would
have something to do instead of hassling people like us.
Im in my 50s and I would not go ripping up the streets
either but I think the problem is tourists rent mopeds
here and ridem like they stolem, then there gone as soon
as the ship leaves.I won't take the chance here. Thats
why I'm building a couple of ICE rock hoppers for Mumzie
and me to scoot around on the mountain and electrics
for down in town...POPS
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