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Unhappy Oops, I Fragged My Motor!

so, yesterday my motor started running mysteriously well. Too well. And definitely too fast- I havent mounted a speedo to this particular bike yet, but I was going faster than I have ever gone on a MB.

I also noticed an occasional "ping" from the clutch area, but this motor (BGF) has always done that.
When I got to my destination I noticed that the choke didnt kill the motor instantly, only after a little sputter. Uh-oh. I know what that means. But I figured what the heck- I have run these motors so lean that they would stall. How bad could a little air leak hurt?

On the way home I found out. On the last mile the "ping" became "PING!!!" was joined by all manner of dreadful noises and a couple of times it seemed like the clutch or SOMETHING gave out, allowing the motor to rev freely. I was sure I was going to end up walking home... but the poor little thing got me and my groceries home safely. Just as I had dropped the kickstand and was getting ready to shut off the motor, one more "PING!" stops the motor for me. Very Uh-oh.

So I think maybe all is not lost- I strip down the motor and find the dread results (cue ominous music) First the cylinder- It looked OK at first, but it has lost ALL compression. I can turn the crank with my hand- with the spark plug in it just makes a slight "huffff" on the compression stroke.

Then there is the bottom end. The "ping" appears to have been the woodruff key from the small gear on the end of the crank shaft. It appears to have somehow escaped its confines and bounced around in the clutch housing and got caught between the gears numerous times. The small gear now spins freely of the crankshaft sometimes, and spins the shaft other times.

Bottom line, this motor is fodder for the parts bin, which kind of sucks since it it less than a month old. But mainly I am curious how this all happened at once, and on such a young motor. I dont think I really had it going all that fast- I just dont normally break about 30 mph on my bikes.

Also, how on earth did the thing make it home at all, with the woodruff key out of place and no compression to speak of?

Any and all theories would be welcome.

RIP BGF 66cc

I am switching the old PK "80cc limited" over from my mountain bike to keep the cruiser on the road while I wait for a new motor.
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