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Default Re: cross engine question

Thank you Norman.

I figured someone would have a piece of it around. Now I either have to get a smaller toothed sprocket for the rear wheel or a larger sprocket to weld to the the sprocket already on the motor.

I'll have to check around to find a small one compatible with the chain and rear sprocket from the kit. I can pick up the rear sprocket and chain on ebay pretty cheap I think.

I wonder if the number twenty five chain would fit on a mountain bike large sprocket. That might be interesting as well. I have a mt bike I bought for parts that I think I could resurect somehow. You know, run two chains on it. One from the electric motor and one from the crank set to a smaller gear. I wonder what that would do ... does anybody know. That shouldn't be much different from the gas setup with two chains.

I guess it would since it would make the pedals turn with the electric engine that could be dangerous.
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