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Default Re: Topping out at 20 mph...Too much fuel ?

Originally Posted by Airbuzz View Post
But Why Would Starving It Of Fuel By Nearly Closing Off The Fuel Pet-cock Valve Make The Engine Run Fine ?
Same issue im having, was bad before, but worse now that ive got a SBP fuel valve. When I close the valve the engine runs fine until the bowl empties, then i have to open it back up.

Originally Posted by Easy Rider View Post
I think because you need to close the petcock, its getting too much fuel. That's why I think your needle is not closing and its getting too much fuel. I recommend checking your carb again to make sure its closing. What you can do is take the bowl off and push the float up. If fuel keeps coming out, the needle isn't seating.
I was told this early today....

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
One more thing- double check the float shut off, it may have some crud in there and it's not shutting off all the way and causing the rich condition.

If you have to shut off the fuel to get it to run right, it should be one of those things.
My bike has this studder around 30mph, at that point it will begin to slow down as much fuel in the bowl, huh? So like the OP said this was fixed by controlling the amount of fuel allowed into the bowl. By bendind the tabs on the float control this causes the needle to stay seated longer, and the float to go lower before opening the needle up to let fuel into the bowl. This makes alot of sense, seein how the tabs are basically straight from the manufactuer(well mine are anyways)...this allows to much fuel into the bowl because the needle opens as soon as the fuel starts to drop. If I bend the tabs where the needle will stay closed longer then this may help me out. Good thread....hope this works. Ive done so much to remedy this annoyance.

My engine definatley runs better with the fuel valve off though, so maybe slowing the fuel flow to the bowl is what i need to do.
...ive gone to the scooter side, variators arent that bad.
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