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Default Re: My petcock broke....

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
I plan on selling HD brass ball valves in the USA if I can get the price around $10-12. I paid $15 for my current valve. They fit perfectly and are bullet proof.

I never used the in-tank filter as I said, and I too would have thought it impossible to impede flow enough to effect running, but when I went to the new valve my engine ran much richer. Again, it ran OK before and it ran OK after the new valve but it was rich enough that I had to go with the leanest notch. Now it runs better than ever.
Love the new valve but having the same problem here, im gonna try moving the clip, but with only one notch left to go I may have to go smaller than a #65 main jet.
...ive gone to the scooter side, variators arent that bad.
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