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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

Originally Posted by Youngbird View Post
Im thinking that this "hobby" could be a part of a good living....but solely?....maybe not yet, but could be soon. Not simply sales, but service.
totally agree, you can make some xtra cash by building these MB, but to rely solely on there sales to make a living I think would be wrong thinking.

I have seen a site where I could buy 10 - 80cc motor bike kits for $1000. I almost bit even though I have only built one bike so far , cause as a consumer I feel these bikes could easily sell themselves. I wouldn't get into fancy builds either. Just simple 70 dollar walmart bikes that a motor would install on easily and then add my inexpensive 100 dollar motor and then sell the whole thing for 270 dollars. the whole build prolly would take less than 1 hour to do . so the profit would be exactly 100 dollars . So my thinking was if I got those 10 engines I could easily double my money. with about 10-15 hours labor and the rest of the time would be in locating buyers.

@270 dollars per bike my thoughts were they would be easy to sell, but then I talked to a lawyer friend and he kinda convinced me about maybe some liabilities and insurance blah blah . So i gave up the dream . lol But I still believe a guy doing these builds for friends and what not you could make some xtra retirement cash.

Oh and one last thing , I would only sell them as -is with out any warranty . take it for a short ride , if you like it you buy it and that would be the end of the sale. just like if you purchased a used car . same type of sale.
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