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Smile Re: Building a 2004 Yeti DH-9 with 40cc Tanaka

Pictures are coming.... I put the GEBE Tanaka 40cc on the Yeti. DH-9.
I adjusted (BEND) the mounting strap to the wider width of the rear bolt thru axle. The rear tire is a 2.7...wide for a bicycle.
I drilled the strap to so it can be bolted to the top swingarm link.
The motor moves up and down with the swing-arm.The tenioner keeps the belt tight.
I first tried the motor as close to center of the bike as I could.
It positioned just to the rear of the seat. The problem with this was that my butt kept hitting the sprark plug, and the exhaust heated up the rear of my right leg.
I had used a sail-boat turnbuckle for the rear strap so the engine (forward/rearward) position is easily adjusted.
I cranked out the the turnbuckle making the engine sit way back....only thing with this is that the gastank filler is now the lowest part.
On the 1st maiden voyage, On my way to work, the drive belt sprocket flew off some-where, and the belt got shreded. Not a good start. I would think that GEBE would have made the sprocket have a reverse thread so that it tightens while it is running...not so. Bye..Bye belt sprocket, bye bye belt.
I also sent out an excel 21x1.6 motor cycle rim with a swiss made rear bicycle hub to be laced by (The Wheelmaster) with 9 or 10 gauge spokes as he sees fit.
The adventure continues....
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