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Default Re: How do I shorten the throttle cable?

Originally Posted by Earthman View Post
Thanks! I will assemble everything before modifying the cable as eDJ suggests - good idea. After reading all the advice, I thought of another approach that I may try. I may have or can get some brass tubing with the right size ID & OD that I can solder on to the end of the cable. There shouldn't much force on it so this may work. Thanks again. I'll post another reply once I figure out what works.
Welcome to the forum and you're on the right track as far as using brass tubing (hobby shop item) for the carb end of the throttle cable. A couple of hints here: Use a good grade of solder, preferably 95/5 and solder flux. (There is absolutely no reason to use 'silver solder' which requires much more heat and in fact, because of the excess heat can weaken the end of the cable) The best flux I've used is called No-Corrode. Clean the end of the cable with a degreaser such as Brake-Clean or any good grease cutting solvent. Also clean the brass tubing, 1/16" I.D. is what you should be using. Slide the pre-cut tubing onto the clean end of the cable and lay your soldering iron, (gun) tip on the tubing and heat it until the solder 'wicks' into it when applied to the end of the tubing. Allow to cool for a few seconds before moving the cable and you're done. I usually clean off any residual flux, use the same solvent you used to clean the cable.
As for the carb position. A small deviation from level is okay but don't go much over 10 to 12 degrees. This should give you enough to get the cable clearance you're after. Just keep in mind there is a float in the carb bowl that needs to be close to level to function correctly. Other options are a custom intake manifold that will move the carb to where you need it. Check some of the previous threads here for ideas on those.
Hope this helps. Send us pictures when you're finished. There are some very nice 24" bikes and they look good when done right. Good luck, have fun.
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