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Default Re: Schwinn Jaguar Rear Hub

Yeppers, that's it.

Peddling helps with hills and getting the bike rolling. I like to think of it as "auxiliary low-end" A lil help for the engine goes a long way. Also I have lost count of how many times I have had to peddle home for repairs or to the gas station while out ridding. Honestly, you don't have to peddle much, but when you do, you really do.

I personally like as many gears as possible. Is kind of like a gun. Better to have one and not need it, then to need it and not have one. (although the judge said I was not allowed to have one any more. No sense of humor, them folks)

For first builds I suggest to most folks, keep it as simple and as stock as possible. Is cheaper and makes it easier to find out what you really want or need to upgrade.

All of this is just one opinion. There are many on every thing you can do with these lil wonders. Your doing the right and prudent thing. Researching and talking. Some amazing crafts folks here who do great stuff. Tiger at tiger tooth is an excellent resource.

Hope that's of some help
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