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Default Re: Whats up with these gas tank caps?

Maybe I'm lucky, but my cap and tank have been great. I fill mine up, no sloshing. Today I had to take the tank off to install a new exhaust pipe, and I even dropped it when it was full of gas, it didn't hit the floor because the fuel like was still connected so when I dropped it, it dangled from the carburetor. I freaked out, when I realized I dropped it and it yanked by the fuel line, I totally expected gas to leak out all over me, the bike, and the soft wooden floors of my shed, but not a single drop came out! It was amazing. It seems to vent fine too, but the weather has been cold since I've gotten it. Also, I always use a funnel when I put gas in the tank, to make sure I don't get a drop on the tank when I fill it up.
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