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Default Re: Motor Refuses to start

You said your bikes been sitting for a while. Is your carb getting fuel form the tank or is the filter in the tank plugged off? If you have an in line filter is it plugged off?
You have to have fuel and spark to make it run. Make sure you got spark. Then if you do spray a little carb cleaner or starting fluid in the intake of the carb and try to start it.
Your bike should run even if the fuel is old, but if you don't have fuel getting to the carb it will not run. same for the spark you can check for spark by laying the plug on the head and spinning the engine over if you are brave hold on to the plug wire spin the engine over if it knocks the shi out of you you got spark.
the guys covered the plug wire connection pretty good so make sure all wires are connected and if you think your kill switch is shorted out do disconnect it to try and get a good spark. good luck let us know how its going we will get you running either on the bike or pedaling the **** out of it.
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