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Default Re: Springer for a Jaguar

Originally Posted by myke View Post
I know that I am new to this forums, and I feel bad about barging in without helping also, but I am new to this hobby and I have jumped in with both feet without first researching everything. I picked up my Jaguar at Target, and got the china kit from some dude on ebay. So far I keep running into road blocks at every turn.

I wanted to upgrade the front end with the springer design to be kewl like the rest of you, lol. I ordered a schwinn 7 springer front end from another dude on ebay, silly me I was thinking schwinn is schwinn and it would fit on easy, wrong.

The schwinn jaguar neck that goes down into the fork tube is larger then the neck tube on the schwinn 7. I think I am measuring it at 22 mm? and it has a part number stamped on it that ends with a 22. I have a line on a schwinn dealer that is open tomorrow and should have used ones to fit the smaller tube, anyone know what size I am looking for here? I measure the ID at 21 mm? Do they make 22 and also a 21 mm neck?

Second issue with this forks might be a little tougher to solve. The tube is also about 22 mm longer then the original forks off the Jaguar. There are plenty of threads and I have already had it in the frame, it works but there will be a large gap of 22 mm between the jam nut and the spring bracket.

Should I cut off the extra 22 mm or find some spacers to put in there or should I give up and try to find a springer forks that fits better?

Thanks for any feedback!

Measure your original steering tube length and cut the new one the same length plus the thickness of the spring perch. Hint: Thread the top nut onto the tube before cutting then carefully back it off to help clean up the threads. Run a file over the cut off end to make sure there are no damaged threads to mess you up later.
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