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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

Originally Posted by tyrslider View Post

There seems to be a bit of a myth about where people think, I'm not a very good bike rider but because these have a motor, I could ride one. These folks are a REAL potential liability. Be exclusive, be choosy, have standards for your customers. I think that is more likely to pay off (w/ much hard work, good marketing, service, etc) than just selling as many wally worlds as you can to people who shouldn't have a bicycle let alone an mb.

That's my take!
ABSOLUTELY! I lived in Key West for a few years. All the tourists there rented those 150cc wanna-be-Vespa. How hard could it be? It isn't like it's a REAL motorcycle. SO off they went in a swimsuit and flip-flops. Seemed like everyday I saw one of the dopes catching some nice road rash.
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