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Default Re: Schwinn Jaguar Rear Hub

Really is confusing. No worries and I know how frustrating it can be. The acronyms, slang and all that. (say once in front of your wife "the guys" are making fun of you for your method of mounting a china girl, snork)

With out a pull start, you have to peddle or some folks call it "bump start". If the rear wheel turns freely (freewheels) then the chain will not turn the motor sprocket and turn over the engine. With the rear sprocket fixed to the wheel, it drives the chain as the bike is peddled forward with or without the motor running.

I have been wanting to use a freewheel hub for a while. My new engine has a pull start so I can shop for one in earnest. The advantage to having one is that when you peddle with the motor turned off, there is no resistance from the engine drive chain. With out the freewheel hub, you have to move both chains by peddling.
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