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Default Re: Newbie with questions like tensioner upgrade

Welcome, you have come to the right place. There is a wealth of info on this site. The search box at the top of the page will be your friend. Regarding your idle stalling problem, the screw with the spring on it, on the side of the carb is the idle speed screw. If you run it in a little it should raise your idle speed. You should also check for intake leaks, as these will greatly affect performance. I agree with you on the chain tensioner being junk. But I think the auto timing belt tens. may put too much tension on the chain. If you are near a Tractor Supply Co. store they might have something you can use. Use the search box above and put in "Spring Return Chain Tensioner" and check the box for search titles only. Look for a post by Misteright1-99.
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