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Default Re: Brown Leather seat&bag

Originally Posted by marvin martian View Post
I had thought about the dye, but was afraid it would run or look funny. Plus there is the laziness thing. I am going to try to wait them out at wallyworld. Maybe they will get some black ones in. I looked at the Brooks link, but I like the one that you got because of the end pieces that keep it round even when empty.
Found some good lookin' black ones, (with GF's idea) pretty cheap. Dunno if they stay round open though.

Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags, Toolbags & Sissy Bags
Originally Posted by grouchyolfart View Post
Ever look for "real" saddlebags? Just gotta shorten the center "strap" some. Easy enough with a hole punch and latigo lacing. Same with securing the bags to the rear rack. The bags can be found used and new ones can cost way less than motorcycle saddle bags. I've even seen them for sale out here. You wouldn't think it, but we do have working ranches on most of the islands.

Btw, try checking places like Cabela's or any of those big name hunting/fishing suppy stores. I recall seeing saddle bags for sale in some of their catalogs. Plain and simple, no frills. The also sell pomel bags, which might look cool draped over the gas tank.
Thanks GF. Good idea. Having trouble finding antique brown, but it opened a lot more options.
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