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Default Re: new intro from NEPA

Originally Posted by MB-Monkey View Post
hello and welcome to the forum.

Great looking bike what size frame is that? did you have any troubles mounting to the tubes?

Thank you also for the compliment, I first purchased a motor then realized I haven't owned a bicycle in over 20 no wait 26 years (omg). so I went to our cheapest retailer in the area (walmart ) and picked this cheap model up. Only thing I didn't like was the original seat and also the brakes, other than that the bike seems very adequate.

And yes I had trouble mounting my front motor mount to the some what over sized front tube, I have worked with metals all my life so it was just a small matter of using longer bolts and putting a small "tweek" in them so they would fit better. I didn't realize until a day later what that one plate that comes with the kit (the so called mutli bike mount) Or I would have just simply drilled the frame and used that mount.

One other issue is the intake was too long , so i just removed the plastic cover for the air filter and am running it with just the filter for now, and I had to turn the carb off center a bit to make it fit the frame. But I seen a modified intake from one of the forum members here that I will try and just shorten my intake and then use the proper air filter set up .

Oh almost forgot, the frame is a normal 26 inch frame
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